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Great Lakes Ear Nose & Throat

"I was never a fan of outsourcing medical billing. I like to have control and know what’s going on. Because of my situation I agreed to give Cloud 9 a chance to do our billing for one year. That was two years ago, and I wouldn’t think of changing a thing. “

Pamela Kalfayan

Practice Administrator

Great Lakes Case Study


Upper Extremity Care

"Cloud 9 has been a great partner. Their team of billers are professional and extremely competent. In the five plus years they have been responsible for our RCM processes, we have never worried about our billing being done timely and accurately.”

Casey Cole

Office Manager


Upper Extremety Care Case Study

Bluestem Family Health

"When we made the switch to Cloud 9, our billing was truly a monumental disaster. Their staff dedicated their efforts on enhancing our revenue by correcting ample billing issues. Their knowledgeable staff respond to billing questions in a timely manner and are easily accessible. Cloud 9 is attentive to our billing needs and helps solve problems with us as we encounter them. I am pleased at their transparency and attentiveness to details with our accounts.  Ultimately, they have improved our collections and helped us streamline our billing processes. I would highly recommend their services. Cloud 9 is an awesome team.  Bluestem loves us some Cloud 9!"

Amanda Steventon, MD

Southern Woman's Health

“We are very satisfied with the Cloud 9 service, reports and the amount of money their solution has saved our clinic…over $600 a month.” 

Mississippi Asthma & Allergy Clinic

“Our partnership with Cloud 9 has been vital to maintaining a steady revenue stream on self-pay balances... The online QuickPay option that we have been utilizing with Cloud 9 for patients to pay online has been well received by our patients.”

Farmington Hills OB/Gyn

“The professional look, clear payment terms, and easy-to-understand visit data of the Cloud 9 statement has helped improve our patient payments tremendously.”

Boca Care,

“Since implementing Cloud 9's patient-friendly statements, our patient phone calls have been reduced by approximately 40%.”

Anchor Bay Clinic Family Medical Center

“The response to the Cloud 9 statements and automated letters has been amazing. Our patients now pay faster and more consistently.”

Petoskey Surgeons

“Our pre-collection work-list has been reduced by 50% in the first 60 days of implementing the Cloud 9 solution.”

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