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Improve collections with Cloud 9's unparalleled patient statements

Transform Your Patient Billing

Improve collections with Cloud 9's unparalleled patient statements

Patient Statements that Work

Tired of confused patients and overwhelmed billing offices? Discover the power of clear, concise, and patient-friendly billing statements. At Cloud 9, we recognize the pivotal role statements play in revenue collection and brand building. With innovative custom programming, we convert complex medical jargon into easy-to-understand statements, presenting a highly professional image that mirrors the exceptional service of your practice.

Custom Patient Statements—Layout


Customize the look of your statement through fully variable color layout options.

Custom Patient Statements—Marketing


Brand your statement with a marketing banner that identifies and promotes your practice.

Custom Patient Statements—Messaging


Customize your statement's backer message with any special information or instructions.

Custom Patient Statements—Digital


View and approve your statements online before sending, and send your statements to patients electronically at half the cost of traditional mailings.

Example Patient Statement Side 1
Example Patient Statement Side 1

Anchor Bay Clinic Family Medical Center 

The response to the Cloud 9 statements and automated letters has been amazing. Our patients now pay faster and more consistently.

Ready to transform and optimize your patient-billing experience?

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