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Revenue is the heartbeat of your practice

We focus on your revenue so you can focus on patient care

Don't trust just anyone with the health of your practice

You need a partner with the experience, knowledge and proven ability to safeguard the lifeblood of your business—your revenue. Cloud 9  Medical Solutions is that partner. 

Complete end-to-end billing support

Complete end-to-end billing support. 

Rapid implementation & startup

Rapid implementation & startup

Highly experienced, U.S.-based team

Highly experienced, U.S.-based team.

Innovative technology & proven best practices

Innovative technology & proven best practices

Bluestem Family Health

"When we made the switch to Cloud 9, our billing was truly a monumental disaster. Their staff dedicated their efforts on enhancing our revenue by correcting ample billing issues. Their knowledgeable staff respond to billing questions in a timely manner and are easily accessible. Cloud 9 is attentive to our billing needs and helps solve problems with us as we encounter them. I am pleased at their transparency and attentiveness to details with our accounts.  Ultimately, they have improved our collections and helped us streamline our billing processes. I would highly recommend their services. Cloud 9 is an awesome team.  Bluestem loves us some Cloud 9!"

Amanda Steventon, MD

What our medical billing solution can do for you

Increased revenue & improved cash flow

Revenue and cash flow are the lifeblood of your practice. We help ensure the health of your practice through our complete RCM solution comprised of expert billing services, effective, patient-friendly billing statements, and innovative, easy-to-use technology to ensure you get paid quickly and in full.

Dramatically reduced days in AR

Revenue languishing in Accounts Receivable hurts your practice. You need access to the revenue you've earned as quickly as possible in order to put it to productive use. Our proven collections capability through our highly experienced team and best practices will accelerate patient payments and decrease the time your revenue sits idle in your AR.   


Immediate access to highly trained, professional billers

The key to running any successful business is having the right people in place across all the key functions of the organization to drive and sustain results. For small businesses and practices, the challenge of finding, training and retaining dependable resources is daunting. When it comes to billing, why bother when Cloud 9 already has a highly trained, highly dependable and highly professional billing team at your immediate disposal?     

Reduced administrative costs & burden

Maintaining an in-house billing and collections function is an expensive and, more often than not, unproductive endeavor. Your core competency is providing excellent care and service to your patients. Ours is billing and collections, making for a perfect partnership that will improve your collections success at a fraction of the cost.   

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We Have The Cure to Your Billing Problem
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