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Patient Statements That Work

Are your patients confused by your current statement? Does your billing office dread processing them because they know the phones will light up with questions? Are your statements helping or hurting your billing efforts? Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the Revenue Management Cycle is the patient billing statement itself. In reality, a clear and concise statement can have a tremendous impact not only on collecting the revenue you are owed but also on marketing your practice and building your brand.


At Cloud 9, we understand the critical role the statement plays both in the collection of revenues and the building of brands. Using an innovative approach, we apply custom programming to convert confusing medical office language into a patient-friendly, easy-to-understand billing statement with a highly professional appearance to accompany the highly professional service delivered by your practice.  


Customize the look of your statement through fully variable color layout options


Brand your statement with a marketing banner that identifies and promotes your practice


Customize your statement's backer message with any special information or instructions


View and approve your statements online before sending, and send your statements to patients elecronically at half the cost of traditional mailings


“We are very satisfied with the Cloud 9 service, reports and the amount of money their solution has saved our clinic…over $600 a month.” 

—  Southern Woman's Health

Cloud 9 Patient Statements


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